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Our expert is a trusted advisor, providing personalized recommendations tailored to individual preferences and occasions.

Whether it’s selecting the perfect wine for a special celebration, guiding a pairing for a gourmet meal, or suggesting hidden gems from lesser-known regions, their advice is a compass in the vast landscape of wine options.

After months of patiently researching the domestic and international wine scene, we have formed a very substantial but dynamic offer that has the task of taking you out of your comfort zone and introducing you to the exciting process of exploring the wine world.

With great passion and the necessary expertise, we have created an almost ideal relationship between the pearls of modern Serbian winemaking and wines that come from almost every part of the world where wine is considered the essence of the culture of living.

We have created entire collections inspired by the style of wine, world-famous territories, large varieties, but also the gems of small wine regions with a gigantic reputation. We have not remained immune to the charm of the great stars of world winemaking, whose masterpieces are an integral part of our offer. Known for its glamour, like one of the most exclusive neighbourhoods in Belgrade, high-quality sparkling wines from Champagne will be very present in the very centre of Belgrade on the water. We didn’t even want to leave out the global influence of world-famous wine judges, so the high-ranking pearls of modern Serbian winemaking now have a counterpart in the highest scores of fine wines from Spain, Italy, France, California… Domestic winemaking in the Decanter wine shop will be represented in all stylistically known forms created from the north to the extreme south of our country.

And yes, we probably left something out, something that is part of your wine story, but we believe that in agreement with our staff, you will completely find a new experience, equally good, complementary to the one you have been carrying inside you until now.

Our passion to deal with the personalisation of your sensory experience, adaptability to your view of the wine world certainly promises us a nice adventure that Shop & Bar Decanter will profile as an indispensable part of a new, modern and different Belgrade.

We are waiting for you…