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Empirical evidence shows that the best prerequisite for an extraordinary form of good and mature wine is almost always a Magnum wine bottle with a volume of 1.5 liters.

In it, almost the same amount of oxygen permanently affects twice the volume of the usual bottle, refining the wine patiently , filigree, almost perfect…

The entire collection of Magnum bottles in our offer includes the best labels of world-famous wineries such as Angelo Gaja, Ornellaia, Tenuta san Guido Sassicaia, Louis Roderer… We have also selected a few well-known labels from wineries Radovanović, Aleksansdrović, Temet, Cilić, Zvonko Bogdan , which we believe have an enviable aging potential and the strength to improve their quality over time in your collections.

On the other hand, Magnums can be more than good fun, complemented by the informality of a sparkling average or the good vibe of an easy-to-drink wine, like a light, but perfectly drinkable, Provençal rosé… It will make a party organized on a terrace overlooking the river or some other place city, enviably raise the rating. We claim that the well-known brands Lanson, Whispering angel, Miraval, Moet & Chandon will contribute to the memories of an unforgettable house party in our or another area.